The World’s Beauty Awaits

Beauty is defined by Wikipedia as “aesthetic, aesthetic, psychological quality that focuses on the appearance”. “Everyday beauty” is also defined by the encyclopedia as “a composite or concrete quality that results from the cultural and individual experiences of a person”. It is also described as the “appearance factor”. A more specific definition according to the Oxford Dictionary is “a pleasant or appealing physical aspect”. We might also say that beauty is something which is beyond words, beyond culture, and above perception.

Beauty is in all of us. In fact, it is part of our essential nature. However, beauty is something which we tend to lose sight of over time. Beauty is often associated with wealth and status – concepts which are false because beauty is inherently subjective and cannot be measured. The only thing that can define beauty for us is our own perception. There is a strong link between the act of beauty itself and what beauty actually is.

The definition of beauty varies greatly amongst different cultures, but the one common thread which all humans possess is that beauty surrounds us. When I look at a picture of a beautiful scenery or a beautiful beach, or when I am viewing a sunset, I do not see my own image of beauty but rather the beauty surrounding me. It is this beauty which gives me peace and allows me to go into my own images of beauty, rather than always searching outside myself.

This is why beauty has always been closely linked to religion. Far from being a simple or superficial concept, beauty has a lot to do with the deeper aspects of human life, with the way we see the world, with our moral standards and with our sense of right and wrong. Beauty surrounds us, yet most of us are blind to it.

So how do we approach the idea of beauty in general? How do we find beauty in our own lives and how do we let it find its way into our lives without judging and distorting it? Many people try to answer these questions by looking to religion, to their God or to their supposed higher powers. But in reality, beauty is in all of us. It is in every aspect of our lives, whether it be in the things that we build with our hands, the places we visit, or even the foods that we eat.

Beauty surrounds us but it is within each of us to find and express our own beauty. If we do not do so, our beauty will fade away and our true beauty will be lost forever. In order to keep our beauty, we must find ways to express it in the simplest and clearest of ways.