Main Article: Reporting on Disability Sports

A sports movie is a movie genre which makes use of sports as the main theme of the movie. It’s a story which revolves around sport, usually a competitive sport, and which rely on sports to an extent for their storyline’s resolution or major plot inspiration. Some movies make it big and become quite popular while others fail to do so. Either way, the following list of what constitutes a sports movie will help you determine what films you should and shouldn’t watch.

Almost any sport can qualify. Soccer, motor racing and tennis are obvious choices since they fit into the “sports” category, but there’s no reason why these sports can’t qualify. It should be noted though that if the film is primarily fictional, then it may be wholly fictional. For example, if it’s based on true events but has sports elements inserted into it, then it may not be entirely a sports film. Likewise, if it’s a sports story but the events the film depicts happen outside of the sports itself, then it will qualify under the above guidelines.

This is a list which only focuses on fictional sports stories and movies which take part in activities outside of the sports themselves. A good example of this is the movie crews of the National Geographic Adventure with their Sea Life series. They explore the depths of the sea and look at the various species of fish, they take part in various contests for prize money and they are sometimes even filmed taking part in real sports activities.

An active sports story can also qualify under this main article, as long as it involves some kind of physical activity. It doesn’t have to involve actual contact, such as a game of basketball or a game of soccer. It can also include participation through something like a scavenger hunt or mystery tour. Another element that distinguishes a sports story from a non-sports related story is the fact that it usually involves some sort of result. For instance, if an athlete is crowned the winner of a competition or sweepstakes event it becomes part of the story.

Finally, the last paragraph of this main article is about how readers should view sports stories and what types of stories fit into this section. In general, readers need to see a sports story as something that takes part in the news. It needs to be reported honestly and with some degree of professionalism. At the same time it needs to be a fun read. The entertainment value should exceed that of the actual sport or event it’s reporting on and any tension or comedy needed to make it a successful piece should be integrated well.

I hope this article helps you understand where to draw the line when it comes to reporting on disability sports and the different types of coverage that go along with it. There are many reasons why a story might take place in a sports arena and these reasons should be considered by those who are providing coverage. A sports story can include the participation of a disabled person. It can also be an opportunity for an athlete with a disability to showcase their abilities. Whether it’s a game or competition or even a lifestyle column it needs to be considered a legitimate sports story.