Types of Sports Competitions

While some fans just watch sports on TV, some actually go to venues or other locations where they pay for to see them in person. These fans are known as spectators. Generally people engage in various types of sports, such as: boxing, basketball, football, baseball and so on. Others simply enjoy watching the different sports over the television. Those who watch sports in person engage in several kinds of sports and are known as sports enthusiasts.

Association football is one of the common types of spectator sports that most people like to watch. It can be viewed live and on numerous channels throughout the world. Cricket is another popular kind of sport where people either watch live matches or take a subscription to catch all the action. In this case, the matches are often promoted by the respective association football league.

Rugby is played between teams of varying nations across the world. It has been around for many years but is gaining more popularity today as it gets closer to the World Cup tournament. There are many countries involved in rugby, including New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland and Wales. During the world cup year, the three nations compete with each other to determine who will represent their countries in the tournament and who will finish top of the table.

The game of soccer is the most popular sport in the world with more than 85 million people actively playing the game. Rugby also forms an important part of the game with its unique set of rules and characteristics. Like soccer, rugby involves both physical and mental aspects which require strength and stamina.

Some people engage in mind sports such as puzzles, arithmetic and crosswords. However, this type of sport is not recognized by most governing bodies of other sports. Non-Physical Sports Competition has become increasingly popular. This includes figure skating, swimming, tennis, mountain biking, track cycling, rugby, ice skating, and cheerleading. Not all non-physical activities constitute a sport but the participation in these activities does not necessarily classify a person as a sportsman.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has published a list of sports that are considered as non-physical. They include beach volleyball, badminton, canoeing, swimming, golf, field hockey, tennis, sailing and snowboarding. Although the list excludes sports which do not involve the use of the physical body, the inclusion of these sports in the Olympic sports confirms their participation in a physical competition. A competitor must be committed to the sport in order to register and compete in it. However, competition in a non-physical sport does not disqualify a sportsperson from being called a sportsman.