Types of Sport

Sport is commonly defined as a physical contact sport, like basketball or netball. Most forms of competitive athletics and some games that don’t involve contact are known as sports. A great athlete in a particular sport is sometimes called an athlete. Some people play sports as part of a hobby or for exercise.

It’s difficult to determine exactly where sports began. Most experts agree that sports are widespread in prehistoric times when man searched for ways to carry out strenuous work. This kind of sport could be hunting, fishing, war, and running from tribe to tribe. Another theory is that sporting was first undertaken as a way of creating social status. Ancient peoples engaged in organised participation in games including battle or wrestling.

One of the most popular types of sports is organised sports. These include contact sports like swimming, snorkeling, diving, cycling, gymnastics, and track and field events. In these events participants compete using techniques and equipment to move quickly and successfully through the course of the competition. This type of physical activity is considered a vital part of the physiological make up of the modern person.

The object of sporting competitions is to win, usually through a fair competition. This is usually governed by rules and terms of the agreement which the competitors are required to adhere to. Many people assume that the aim of all sports is simply to win but this is not necessarily the case. Some sports have greater values than just winning. For example, polo and sailing are both considered by most to be relaxing pastimes that can be enjoyed by everyone.

In most cases, there is a recognised organisation that governs sporting events. The three main governing bodies are the International Association of Sport in Schools and Colleges, UK Sports Council, and European Federation of Association of Sports. These bodies are responsible for setting up, implementing and monitoring sporting competitions and governing them on behalf of the sport’s participants, schools and colleges. The rules that are applied to sporting competitions are referred to as’strictly controlled standards’.

As you can see, there are many different types of sports that people can take up and enjoy. Most people associate the word ‘sport’ with one of the following three codes: association football, rugby, and ice hockey. However, there are countless other sporting codes out there, and other sports that people can take up and enjoy.