The Importance of Beauty in Our Society

Beauty is often defined as a subjective feature of things which makes these objects enjoyable to see. These objects include sunsets, landscapes, humans and fine works of art. However, beauty, with aesthetic sense and art, is probably the most important subject of aesthetics, among the most important branches of science. It is the idea that beauty is not the conscious experience of the aesthetic senses but an inherent faculty of the mind and heart that is capable of motivating the activity of making art, in the same way that beauty is the essential mark of beauty in the physical world.

The philosophy of aesthetics further includes a conception of beauty as the result of a mental state or emotion. The primary emotion which beauty evokes is happiness. According to leading philosophers and aestheticians, the pursuit of happiness is the only aim of all social activity. This means that beautiful objects are sought for their own beauty rather than as something that adds value and meaning to a person and his/her life.

According to leading aestheticians and philosophers of science, true beauty is nothing else but the happiness of the soul. They maintain that true beauty is not only the aesthetically pleasing object, but the essential condition of happiness. On the other hand, it must be noted that the pursuit of pleasure may sometimes seem to meet the desire for true beauty; while at other times the pursuit of pleasure may seem pointless and meaningless. However, when the pursuit of pleasure serves an important purpose in a person’s life, it is considered to be the pursuit of true beauty.

The pursuit of beauty leads to an increased intimacy with other human beings, which ultimately makes people say that beauty is a primary component of all human relationships. People say that beauty makes a person happy and that happiness alone can lead to the development of all the other virtues. Many people also say that beauty makes a person admirable and that people are envious of beauty. A beautiful face can make a person more attractive and therefore, more desirable, whereas a physically handicapped person may lack the beauty required to be desirable.

According to eminent psychotherapists and anthropologists, beauty is mainly the product of physical attractiveness and the results of physical attractiveness are obtained through the use of clothing and cosmetics. Another school of thought holds that real beauty derives from real intelligence and the results of real intelligence are the results of real beauty. According to this view, beauty is independent of physical appearances and people say that they love women who have fine faces and real intelligence. A physically less attractive person may still be deemed to be beautiful by the members of a particular society; however, the notion of beauty as subjective varies across cultures.

Social media is one of the forces that have contributed to the rise of preoccupation with beauty. People on the social media sites and online forums and chat rooms regularly discuss the ways in which they can get beautiful. The Internet allows for a very easy access to the images of beautiful celebrities and the glamour industry has used the Internet to market its products. More products are being developed that will help us to achieve our goal of physical attractiveness through self-administered postures.