Sports in the Renaissance Age

Sports refer to the physical and mental exercises undertaken for the sake of achieving some objective or benefit. There are different types of sports like games or activities and then there are exercises. Sports can be of various kinds like for instance, swimming, hiking, running, wrestling, tennis, basketball etc. While playing sports, one needs to follow some rules and regulations.

In the early part of the 20th century, the concept of modern sports was developed when the Olympic Games was introduced in London. The games were similar to those of the ancient Olympics, but with modern twists. Today, there are various professional and amateur clubs that promote different kinds of sports and physical education as part of their routine activities. Sports are organized by country or region according to its interests. It is not uncommon to find sports organizations associated with international sporting events.

In the United States, we have football which is the most popular and famous American sport and second most popular in Europe after soccer. Football is a game of possession where the players try to keep the ball from the opponents by using their feet. This is a team sport and there is no overt or public involvement. In this type of physical activity, the player’s physical strength is very important but his mental alertness is also important.

In this century, many new sports have emerged and football and basketball have earned tremendous popularity. Basketball players need to use their athletic ability to win the game. Some athletes use sports to excel in physical dexterity, while others use it to fulfill their dream of becoming Olympic athletes. Most athletes try to equip themselves with sportsmanship and their physical dexterity.

The importance of sports in our life cannot be denied in the present modern world. The scientific revolution of the last century has given man a glimpse of the physical conditions of animals and plants. These discoveries have inspired the medical profession to come up with innovative medicines and therapies which have made sports such a welcome addition to modern medicine. Sports like wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, sailing, and track and field are some of the prominent sports which gained recognition in the early part of the renaissance period. The presence of skilled sportsmen in early age helped the country to improve its standard of living.

Today, there are numerous such sports that people are enthusiastic to follow. Cricket, which are a form of football and horse racing are two of the sports which have gained enormous popularity among the people of England. Motor racing is another sports which has created a large following amongst the British people. Boxing, badminton, and fencing have also gained popularity among the people of England. Rugby, cricket, and golf are some of the other sports that are widely played by the British people in the country.