Are There Different Types of Sports Activities?

Sports (or sports) involves any type of generally competitive physical activity that, through organised or casual competition, aims to employ, develop or improve specific physical skill and/or ability while providing entertainment for participants, and occasionally, spectators. It can be a source of gratification and relaxation, or, in its most extreme form, a competition for money and glory. The latter is what attracts people to sports such as ice skating, motor racing, rugby and, even more so, body building. As well as being a source of competition, sports also offer the possibility of making contacts and finding companionship. Not to mention that it is an extremely good way of keeping fit.

There are various types of sports and their different levels of physical activities and competitions, including motorball, American football, rugby, ice hockey, tennis and polo. But, the most popular and accessible sports in the United States include basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, softball, soccer, cricket, hockey, rugby, field hockey and, at times, football. But the different sports have been designed for varying abilities with varying degree of difficulty, providing opportunities to increase both physical dexterity and athletic endurance. Sports can be broadly classified into two main categories: athletic and non-athletic.

Athletic sports involve physical activity that is designed to increase strength, power, speed, stamina, agility and muscle mass. They are generally competitive, although there are many sports that are regarded as recreational or team sports. Athlete or professional sportspeople engaged in such disciplines as track, tennis, swimming and football regularly garner huge contracts, television contracts, endorsements and other rewards. Sports that derive their names from a profession (as opposed to a hobby) are more widely recognized and held in higher esteem by society.

Non-athletic sports involve a range of activities such as riding, gardening, horse riding, ping pong, karate, snorkeling, surfing, skiing and weightlifting. Most of these exercises are light aerobic or cardiovascular workouts which help develop cardiovascular fitness. Sports which do not derive their names from any profession or course of physical action are generally open to everyone, though some are better suited for particular age groups. For example, while playing games such as tennis requires great agility and fitness, skateboarding is a sport for people who are both good at it and have a natural ability to balance.

Each sport has its own benefits and drawbacks. Sports which are highly competitive, such as chess, tennis and swimming, require the competitor to use a lot of mental and physical energy in order to be successful. In contrast, games like squash and badminton, which feature very little direct contact between players, allow players to spend long periods of time watching each other and not feeling the need to sprint or run. This allows the spectators to enjoy the game without feeling as if they are being constantly pressured by their fellow spectators.

Although some sports may appear to be physically punishing, many actually promote health and fitness. It is important that people try to incorporate regular exercise into their lives whether they want to become more physically fit or just want to keep in shape. One type of exercise which many people are already doing is taking up dancing classes as it provides a low impact aerobic and cardio workout which is easy to fit into any busy schedule. In addition, many people are also finding yoga, tai chi and Pilates to be effective forms of non-physical activity which can be enjoyed by all ages and physical abilities. If you want to continue to work towards your fitness goals then it may be worth your while to start researching some potential forms of exercise for your personal use or as part of a special sports day.